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W22-1: Educator SEL Mindset Course
W22-1: Educator SEL Mindset Course
W22-1: Educator SEL Mindset Course

W22-1: Educator SEL Mindset Course

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Equipping educators to support student’s social and emotional needs begins with taking care of the teacher first. Acknowledging that we cannot pour from an empty cup, nor can we facilitate acquisition of new skills that we do not know or practice ourselves, supporting teachers with professional development that emphasizes use of these skills is critical. Now more than ever, educators are experiencing extreme stress that is not only impacting their health and wellness, it is creating novel challenges and instability for children. Over the past 18 months, education has seen a steep increase in mental health related absences and medical leave. Teachers who do not have adequate supports are often unable to effectively manage stress and are often unable to assist in supporting the emotional needs of the children in their classroom. The impact of frequent absences and emotionally overwhelmed teachers on students and student learning is significant. 

This is why we have based our SEL professional development on supporting educators first, while empowering them with the skills to both model and instruct self-care and mindfulness strategies for students. During this six week course, educators will engage in practical mindfulness and stress reduction techniques, and then apply those to working directly with their students. By creating a culture of wellness, self care becomes a valued practice within the community. It is our goal to help create a culture of wellness focused on mindfulness and self care practices that are truly valued and woven into the fabric of the school district.


This course will run over six weeks, and will only be available for PD. 

6 Meeting Dates: Thursday's 6:30

January 13  : Emotional First Aid - Putting on Your Oxygen Mask First

January 20:  Find your Why’

January 27: Harness the Power of Your Thoughts

February 3: Reframe the Narrative

February 10;  Empowered thinking: Tools for growth mindset

February 17: Completing the Stress Cycle

Virtual Meeting Time: 6:30pm-7:30pm EST   

60 PD Hours - $540

  • 6 Hours of direct virtual contact, coaching and support
  • Additional 54 Hours of asynchronous work

This course will be taught by Kelly Driscoll of Kelly Lynn Coaching & Consulting!