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SU24-2: Colombia, un "Encanto"
SU24-2: Colombia, un "Encanto"
SU24-2: Colombia, un "Encanto"
SU24-2: Colombia, un "Encanto"
SU24-2: Colombia, un "Encanto"
SU24-2: Colombia, un "Encanto"
SU24-2: Colombia, un "Encanto"

SU24-2: Colombia, un "Encanto"

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Credit Options

Not sure which credit option to choose?  Learn more about each credit option here and review your state/district requirements.

45 Professional Development/Clock Hours: $590

  • Idioma Professional Development Certificate (accepted by most states)
  • Approved Illinois CPDU Certificate through partnership with CEII
  • Approved Massachusetts PDP Certificate
  • Approved New York CTLE Certificate
  • Approved Pennsylvania ACT48 Certificate
  • Approved Texas CPE Certificate

3 Graduate-Level Credits

  • PEDD 9188: University of the Pacific: $925
  • CLDE 591 SPAN519 COLOMBIA UN ENCANTO: Colorado State University Pueblo: - $950
  • PDLL 562ID: Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU): $1005

Course Description

This is an online course designed for teachers who wish to continue to develop their cultural and/or language skills through a popular children's film that is available in English and in Spanish. The film selected, Encanto, will be familiar to children and teachers of all ages. Emphasis will be on cross-cultural appreciation and diversity in the arts, the significance of symbolism, reflections and discussions raising cultural awareness, geography, regional differences, science (including technology and innovation), gender differences, cuisine, clothing, vocabulary building, improving conversational and writing skills, comprehension, and film analysis. Central concepts in diversity, equity, and inclusion work, such as “asset based education” (ie one’s gift or super power vs. “deficit based education” or inability to focus/ADHD) will be highlighted throughout. Emphasis will also be on music, such as learning about Colombian culture and Spanish words through songs by artists such as Carlos Vives, Shakira, and Juanes, and famous painters like Fernando Botero. Group work will be in the form of discussion boards and lesson plan development. This course is conducted in English, with a Spanish option for Spanish teachers with submission of writing, readings, discussions, activities, and projects in Spanish. Taught by Dr. Lynn McGovern. 

What participants are saying about this course

"I thought the coursework was very well aligned with the expectations and that all the assignments were relevant and helpful. The only issue I ran into was with the course running into the start of my school year, but the teacher was very flexible with my schedule which was very much appreciated!"

"This is one of the best online courses I have taken. The online setup is well organized, expectations were clear, activities and assignments were manageable and relevant, and the instructor was very helpful and led the class well."

Required Texts 

There is no required textbook for this course. All materials are digital and will be provided in the online course.

Course Delivery 

Online weekly learning modules, collaborative discussion boards and instructor feedback. This course is not self-paced. 

Students who matriculate into an Instructor-Facilitated course should adhere to the dates listed on the website. Final coursework should be submitted within one week after the course end date. Course extensions beyond one week are subject to a $50 fee.

About the Instructor

Dr. Lynn McGovern, Instructor. Read more about Our Team page!

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