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Intensive Italian I (asynchronous)
Intensive Italian I (asynchronous)
Intensive Italian I (asynchronous)
Intensive Italian I (asynchronous)

Intensive Italian I (asynchronous)

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For communication in L2 to exist, students need something to talk about.  In this course, the texts read like novels and are crafted especially for the novice learner not only to provide characters and a plot, but also the feeling of accomplishment once the chapter has been read.  In this course, we will access the theory of comprehensible input via inductive texts to achieve competency in the target language, getting the most out of the reading, including culture, geography, food, social issues, etc.  Each chapter is an opportunity for the student to further appropriate the language and to begin to develop fluency in the classroom and beyond. Via the portfolio project, students are encouraged to tie the target language and culture back to existing certifications in order to create personalized bridges that promote individualized professional development.

By the end of this course, participants will have the opportunity to: 

Develop a working knowledge of elementary Italian with an emphasis on;

  1. basic greetings
  2. weather and time
  3. family and domestic life 
  4. daily routine
  5. student life
  6. shopping and clothing
  7. Italian geography with particular emphasis on Rome and surrounding Lazio
  8. present and present perfect tense verbs
  9. modal verbs
  10. noun and adjective mechanics
  11. pronoun usage and placement  
  12. articulated prepositions

Survey of popular music: 1950’s-1960’s

Explorations in Italian and Italian-American culture

Portfolio development of personalized professional interests centered around Italian and language pedagogy   

Recommended Italian cinema. 

Required Text:

L’Italiano secondo il Metodo Natura 1. ISBN: 9781087862521

Easy Italian Reader. ISBN: 9781260463644

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