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FREE Webinar - Suddenly, Virtual: Transitioning to  Effective Online Teaching

FREE Webinar - Suddenly, Virtual: Transitioning to Effective Online Teaching


As many teachers are transitioning into the world of online and hybrid learning, they are searching for the most effective strategies they can use to engage their students and enhance their learning experience online. This course explores best practices in online teaching and how they can apply to Language Classrooms. We will examine several strategies to create an outstanding online experience for ourselves and our students. These include: creating a central hub for information, maintaining community despite social distancing, providing a continuous feedback loop, trying new methods of content delivery, and offering support strategies for exceptional students. As these strategies are examined, a wide variety of apps and online tools that can support an online learning experience will be shared with examples of how they can be used effectively.

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This webinar is FREE, and will be recorded and available on our website after the live broadcast on July 10, 7:30PM EST. To register, please "purchase" this course and we'll send along additional details as soon as we have them!