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College Essay Writing and Personalized Essay Review (Online)

College Essay Writing and Personalized Essay Review (Online)

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Course Dates and Times: Dates to be determined in the Spring.

For immediate assistance with college essays, please choose the Personalized Essay Review to set up a private virtual session.

Personalized Essay Review: based on availability (Available NOW)

This course involves five hours of instruction broken up into two Tuesdays. Students examine the seven prompts on the Common Application as well as essays that have been evaluated by major colleges. Further, students are presented with exemplar essays written by students from area high schools. Tips on how to write the essay, what it should include and not include, help on keeping voice in writing, as well as excellent writing strategies that apply to all writing are included. Students write their “Trust the gush” essays, organize them, edit them and then conference with the instructor. Finally, the essays are fine tuned with careful editing by the instructor and are ready to be turned in with the Common Application. If a student is applying to a college that does not accept the Common Application, the essay will cover that specific school’s prompt. That essay will also be applied to the 7th prompt for the Common Application; thus, only one essay will need to be written for both.

The course is open to all students entering their 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade years.

All other Course Material will be provided through individual student accounts using Idioma's Schoology Learning Management System.

Tuition: $375 per student.

Personalized Essay Review: $80 per hour