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Where do you get your best lesson ideas? If you’re anything like us, you get your best ideas from your colleagues and from really good PD! We’re combining both in our new Best Practice Series.

Starting in November, we’re hosting FREE best practice workshops featuring some of our favorite apps and activities. We will introduce you to the tool, show you how to use it, and give you time and guidance to develop your own lessons.

You don’t need any experience to come to the workshops: our pros will show you everything, and you'll be able to ask questions, play around, and create your own lessons using your new tool!

We welcome all disciplines across all grade levels as these strategies can be integrated into any classroom, for any age group.

Check us out on Facebook or Instagram, visit our website, and join our email newsletter to find out which workshops are running and when. And please feel free to email us if you have a specific workshop request!

Meet Them Where They Are: Differentiating In A Pandemic

with Elisa Kirschhoffer & Maureen Lamb

April 7 on Zoom at 7pm

Let's start with acceptance: we are in the middle of a global pandemic and our students do not have the skills they usually come with at this stage in the learning game. Not only do they lack the skills they "should" have, but our classrooms are full of students at significantly different proficiency levels in the same class. This is where they are. We have the choice to "should" our way through the school year, or we can meet them where they are and encourage them forward. In this session, Latin teacher Maureen Lamb and Spanish & French teacher Elisa Kirschhoffer will share strategies for acceptance and differentiation including tech tools, comprehensible input resources with proficiency-minded tasks, rubrics to measure, and activities centered around student choice. 
In this workshop attendees will come away with a better understanding of how to meet kids where they are in their proficiency journey, and how to differentiate more effectively in a classroom of multi-leveled language learners. Elisa and Maureen will be sharing strategies through Google Slides, and they encourage questions and conversation throughout the workshop. Attendees do not need any prior subject knowledge or particular language background, and are encouraged to join the conversation with an open and constructive mind and heart.


First Aid for the Weary Educator

Kelly Driscoll | Tuesday, November 30 at 7:00-8:00pm ET

Join life and adolescent mindset coach Kelly Driscoll in a workshop to address the teacher burnout so many of us are experiencing as we reset from the pandemic:  

Equipping educators to support student’s social and emotional needs begins with taking care of the teacher first. Acknowledging that we cannot pour from an empty cup, nor can we facilitate acquisition of new skills that we do not know or practice ourselves, supporting teachers with professional development that emphasizes use of these skills is critical. It is only when teachers feel supported and grounded in wellness can they fully support student mental health.