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Athlete Mindset Program: Empowering teens to set goals, develop grit, and manage time and stress

Athlete Mindset Program: Empowering teens to set goals, develop grit, and manage time and stress

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Empowering athletes to pursue their passions on and off the field, while fueling their mind and body, managing stress, and harnessing the power of an infinite mindset to reach their highest potential.

The Athlete Mindset is a program developed in collaboration with Idioma Education and specifically designed with athletes in mind. However, the program equips all individuals with the skills to find success in every aspect of  life. Learning to harness the power of an infinite mindset and master skills that empower you to take full control of your life, while staying grounded in purpose, will unleash a world of limitless possibilities. Our one-week intensive program introduces athletes to mindfulness practices used by elite individuals in every industry. Identifying and staying rooted in purpose, reframing limiting thought patterns and utilizing mindfulness skills to overcome adversity and stress, athletes are empowered to set and achieve their highest goals. 

Is your athlete:

  • Struggling to navigate the stress of life and find it is impacting their athletic performance?
  • Feeling lost and disconnected from things that motivate and inspire them?
  • Finding the uncertainty of athletics, due to COVID, has created a physical and emotional disruption in their progress?
  • Performing differently during practice than they do during competition?
  • Reaching for specific athletic goals but unsure of how to get there, especially in this uncertain climate?
  • Feeling alone and overwhelmed by things they cannot control.


August 1-5 2022 @ Eleva802 Boston/Andover, 5 Dundee Park, Andover, MA 01810

Session 1- Grades 7-9 (9AM-11AM)

Session 2- Grades 10-12 (11: 30AM -1:30PM)

Tuition: $300 ($25 sibling discount with code SIBLING25)

  • Bi-weekly individual session (30 Minute) with a Certified Mindset Coach (Additional Cost)

This course will be taught by Kelly Driscoll of Kelly Lynn Coaching & Consulting!