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Idioma Education & Consulting, LLC partners with state programs to support the world language teachers with professional development opportunities. 

Idioma Education & Consulting, LLC partners with the Washington Association of Language Teaching (WAFLT) to issue Clock Hours.

Become a member of Washington Association of Language Teaching (WAFLT) and receive discounts on all Idioma courses, coaching sessions and workshops!  

Instructions for CLOCK HOURS:

Approval for clock hours must be requested 2 weeks before the course begins.  Please fill out the clock hours request form

Upon completion of the event, attendees seeking clock hours must fill out the evaluation form to be eligible for hours. WAFLT must receive an evaluation form per clock hour form submitted.  Please email Nelia Floyd (floydneliawafltch@gmail.com) for the evaluation form.

When you receive your clock hour form, please submit to the school district (or follow district procedures) and make a copy for your records. WAFLT will not have a copy of their clock hour form.

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