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"Great online course. I really appreciate that written feedback was provided. It helped motivate me because it felt as though someone really was looking at it. I've taken one other online class for grad-work through another organization and feedback wasn't provided at all and it made it more difficult to stay motivated."

"This has been the best course I've taken yet in my career. It was comprehensive and the assignments provided an excellent way for me to reflect on how to incorporate the ideas in my classroom. I will definitely be using what I learned right away this fall!"

"A useful review of French grammar that satisfies recertification requirements."

"I really liked the pace and length of this course. I also found the material very engaging and the instructor's feedback was timely and helpful."

"The course was informative and Christmas Carrol was helpful with her insight and feedback throughout the course."

"The instructor graded things almost immediately, gave email responses readily, and was very flexible and interactive."

"The instructor's comments were timely and helpful. Any questions that i had were answered quickly and effectively."

"I loved Michael's energy and enthusiasm. It is clear how committed he is to World Language teachers and to students. I appreciated his guidance and knowledge in both the face-to-face part of the course as well as the online part."

"The flexibility of the course was so helpful considering we all have full time teaching careers. The response time from the instructors is always so quick, and I am able to get the help I need. The course curriculum is interesting, and keeps you engaged!"
- Gabriella Mirabella, Middle School Spanish Teacher, Burlington Public Schools  

"Idioma Education is an experience like no other! I always felt supported, intellectually stimulated, and extremely satisfied with the course content. Furthermore, it is obvious that the teachers of Idioma Education are truly passionate about sharing their knowledge with others. I took two classes through Idioma Education, and I was able to use much of the information I learned in my Spanish 1 and 3 classes."
- Michael Skorker, High School Spanish Teacher, Medford Public Schools

"Thank you for a great course this summer! I felt so supported as a language teacher to experience the culture, practice the language with native speakers, create curriculum, and earn credit. I look forward to bringing what I've experience to the classroom!."
- Katia DeStefano, Italian Teacher, Greater Boston Schools

"I signed up for this course, having previously studied with Dr. Lynn McGovern, with general awareness about the topic of ‘La Guerra Civil Española,’ knowing that it would include reading a book by Maria Dueñas and watching a corresponding series, but taking the class “Love in the Time of War: the Time in Between” completely blew me away in the most positive way possible. This was one of the most enjoyable graduate courses I have ever taken and I continue to pull lesson plans, vocab units, and other useful resources that either I made myself while taking the class or that were crafted by other teachers. Taking this course gave me new confidence in my approach towards teaching my high school level Spanish 5 class of seniors. This class refreshed my attitude towards teaching because, not only was the material interesting and moving, especially the week’s we spent on ‘La Brigada Internaciόnal’ and ‘La Sección Femenina’, but it provided me with a new perspective on how to engage students and boost their confidence in the foreign language classroom by connecting the material to parallels prevalent in today’s modern society. Dr. Lynn McGovern as a professor is personable, accessible, and her passion will inspire."
- Kevin Burokas, High School Spanish Levels II and V

"As a dual-credit Spanish teacher at a public high school in Indiana, I needed 9 additional Spanish graduate credits to retain my dual-credit certification and with my school schedule and a young family I wanted to be able to take the courses online. The options are very slim when it comes to online graduate foreign language credits as anyone having searched for them would know. That’s why Idioma has filled a much needed niche.

I had my partnering dual-credit university pre-approve the courses I was planning on taking through Idioma/SNHU which they did, but part way through my first course, that university hired a new director and changes were made as to who would approve my courses and which courses would be approved. When I contacted Idioma and SNHU about the problem they did everything they could to help me resolve the issue; the director of SNHU who works with Idioma wrote a letter to that university within a day assuring them that my courses were indeed Spanish graduate credit through SNHU.

In addition to an easy registration process and reasonable pricing, one of the things I liked best about Idioma were the courses I took. I had found a limited number of online graduate Spanish courses; however, they were more expensive and did not quite fit my interests in addition to being typical semester long courses. I enjoy art and history and Idioma offered two courses along those lines. I was able to implement concepts from those courses into my current curriculum and although the courses I took were rigorous, they were manageable and helpful for someone wanting to gain applicable knowledge for the secondary classroom. I also like that those courses were designed to fit into a six week timeline. Although I was busy during those six weeks, I knew I could work hard and complete the courses without them carrying on too long, which for a busy teacher was helpful. When it came time to get my transcript for the three courses I had taken, the process was pretty simple. SNHU sent me my transcripts and everything went smoothly.

Having searched for an online solution for quite a while, I was very pleased to have found Idioma. I would encourage other Spanish teachers who need graduate credit in Spanish to look into Idioma and its partnership with SNHU.
- Zachary McGowan, Spanish teacher in Nappanee, IN

Idioma has been my one-stop shop for all my educational needs from day 1. I took my first online class with Idioma the year I needed to fulfill some licensure requirements. I was sold after the first one; the online platform was easy to navigate, the teacher was fantastic, and I was able to use what I learned in my classroom the next day. I was hooked and started taking a few classes a year.
Since then I have been taking 2-3 classes a year. Each class’ varying content and set of weekly assignments keeps me thinking and moving forward at a steady pace while challenging me to look beyond what I already know and do in my classroom. The enjoy the interactive conversations with the other students and marvel at what they are doing and how they are also looking at change. The
teachers are supportive and comments are timely and very helpful. They are the type of teacher I strive to be with my students.

I am very thankful to Idioma for looking forward and anticipating what we teachers need in order to be more successful. As more and more teachers are moving towards teaching with Proficiency, Idioma has stayed right in step, offering a large variety of classes that have opened up the door slowly, allowing me to explore different aspects of Proficiency without needing to dive in head first.

With the ever-increasing types of classes, I am able to keep stepping forward in my walk towards becoming a more proficient teacher. All of the online Idioma teachers are amazingly flexible, helpful, insightful and, yes, demanding. I am
always challenged and relish the knowledge that I end up with after knowing I have reached a higher level of competency at the end of each class. Through the curriculum they have set up, the classes make me think outside the box and challenge me to go to the next level of understanding and gently push me to go past what I am currently doing and think about my teaching practice in new and
different ways.

Lastly, my appreciation for both Idioma and its teachers was taken to a new level when I finally met them face to face in the Summer Workshop. Each session was interesting and focused on a different aspect of Proficiency. I felt like a kid in a candy store… taking in all the information I could and laughing inside knowing I had a whole summer to digest it. The 3 days was amazing and I walked away knowing that, finally, I could say I had a well-rounded idea of what a Proficiency classroom needed to look like.

Lisa Bonneau
Spanish 1 teacher at the Martha’s
Vineyard Regional High School