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Virtual Tutoring and Conversational Practice

These are uncertain times. There hasn’t been an epidemic of these proportions in our lifetimes, and never have we seen schools closed down for weeks — or months — on end. This has left many parents asking: how can I help my child continue to practice speaking and building their interpersonal language skills?

Well we want to help!

We’ve heard from many parents that their middle- and high-school aged children are seeking additional support in world languages and that they want to continue the practice. To help offer additional support during this time, we’re excited to leverage our network of incredible educators to offer Language Tutoring and Conversational Practice options.

You can now book time with one of our Spanish, French, Latin, or Mandarin High School level instructors, to have a conversational practice session, ask specific language questions, or get more focused language tutoring — all done online or via phone, so we can maintain social distancing practices (but still engage in some connection!)

This service can be purchased by the hour for $60/hr, and you’re welcome to book in either 15, 30, or 60-minute increments.  Try the first hour for free with coupon code "FREEHOUR" or email

Instructors availability varies however, once you register, you will receive the email of your tutor and you may arrange a mutually convenient time to begin your sessions.  We also ask that you complete this registration form to give us additional information about your child's goals for these sessions, language level and whether or not they prefer video or chat only sessions. See our instructor bios here.

Spanish Language: Mr. Joseph Parodi-Brown

French Language: Ms. Chris Carroll and Ms. Elisa Kirschhoffer

Latin Language: Ms. Maureen Lamb

Mandarin Language: Ms. Chang Liu


Online High School World Language Courses

There are many reasons to consider online high school language courses. Whether you are looking for online summer school courses, looking for a course that is not offered by your High School, or want to earn undergraduate credit, Idioma Education's High School Programs can help. We offer a variety of online high school world language courses for you to choose from. Our courses are affordable, flexible, and provide additional opportunities to extend your learning experience.

Students may elect High School Credit or register through with through our partnership with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) as part of a Dual Credit Program. This Dual Credit program provides opportunities for High School juniors and seniors to take college-level courses and earn credit simultaneously toward high school completion and their future college degrees. The Dual Enrollment Program eases the transition from high school to college and allows students to get a head start on their college careers.

The following courses may be offered during the summer or as a semester course during the 2020-2021 academic year. Other courses may be offered upon request. A minimum of 10 students must register in order to run the course. Course Selection and Registration opens in May 2020.

  • Spanish for the Health Care Professions
  • Spanish for the Trades
  • Latin American Art & Architecture
  • Impressionism & the Impressionists of France
  • Latin Epic Poetry

For more information please email