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Virtual Tutoring and Conversation Classes

Virtual Tutoring


We did a lot of new activities that I loved. Next year in school is going to be an easier process because I learned a lot of new vocabulary with online tutoring.”Natalie, 6th grade French 

“Señor Parodi-Brown is a great teacher and has helped me learn a lot in low-pressure, fun classes!” ~Abby, 6th grade Spanish

My favorite experience was that we got to talk with another person instead of just studying. I have experienced a lot of language growth because I can now form sentences without using notes." ~ Nicole, 6th grade French

"It was a really fun class.  For me, I learn so much better in a fun, low-stress environment and in this class, I learned a ton in just the short time we had classes." ~ Julia E., 6th grade Spanish

"I have learned a lot more in the small, stress-free, online virtual class environment" ~ Andrew, 8th grade Spanish

"I like the conversation classes because I had a better understanding of how to put together the vocabulary I already know.  I also enjoyed working in my small group of peers." ~ Tatum, 8th grade Spanish


Learning a new language is an enormous challenge, and we strive to support all language learners in as many ways as we can. It’s no surprise that one of the most important ways to practice and grow in language proficiency is to actually hear and speak it! We’ve heard from many parents that their middle and high school-aged children are looking for more ways to practice after being out of the classroom for longer than usual. To help offer additional support during this time, we’re excited to leverage our network of incredible educators to offer language tutoring and conversation practice options.

You can now book time with one of our Spanish, French, Latin, or Mandarin instructors to have a conversation practice session, ask specific language questions, or get more focused language tutoring — all done online or via phone! 

This service can be purchased by the hour for $60/hr, and you’re welcome to book in either 15, 30, or 60-minute increments. Try the first hour for free with coupon code "FREEHOUR" or email If you are interested in group tutoring, your child can join an existing group or can start a group of their own with their friends or classmates. Please email for more information about group sessions. 

Instructor availability varies, so after you register you will receive the email of your tutor for you to arrange a mutually convenient time to schedule your sessions. We also ask that you complete this registration form to give us additional information about your child's goals for these sessions, their language level and whether or not they prefer video or chat-only sessions. See our instructor bios here.

Spanish Language: Mr. Joseph Parodi-Brown

French Language: Ms. Chris Carroll and Ms. Elisa Kirschhoffer

Latin Language: Ms. Maureen Lamb

Mandarin Language: Ms. Chang Liu

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