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Middle & High School Language Courses

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Courses We Offer

We are pleased to offer language courses for high school students in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Latin, and Portuguese. Our courses are taught by certified language teachers using the ACTFL proficiency model as our guide for evaluation. Proficiency is defined as what a speaker can produce spontaneously and unrehearsed in the target language. Based on the ACTFL proficiency model, our courses are broken into four different levels: 

  1. Novice Low - Novice Mid
  2. Novice Mid - Novice High
  3. Intermediate Low - Intermediate Mid
  4. Intermediate High - Advanced Low


About Our Courses

  • Asynchronous learning through Idioma’s Schoology Learning Management System
  • Each course requires 3 hours of work/week
  • 2 conversation sessions are available after school hours
  • Students will have access to the instructors through email
  • Students need access to a computer and reliable internet

You can see our Parent & Student Handbook for complete details!



You can see our team bios and photos here!


How Credit is Applied

Upon completion of the course, your child will receive a final grade that will be recognized/accepted by their school.

How to Help Your Student

  • Have students log into the course and complete the posted work during their scheduled language class
  • Have students check their emails at least twice a week
  • Encourage students to attend the virtual meetings that are available after school
  • Check in to make sure your child does not have any questions and encourage them to email the teacher if they do

We also offer SAT prep and college essay writing courses as well as virtual tutoring and conversation sessions! Please feel free to email mwalles@idiomaconsulting.com with any questions.