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Master of Education (M.Ed.) for German Teachers

We're excited to offer an Online Master of Education with CSU Pueblo & Idioma Education, designed for German Teachers for less than $15,500! Rolling Admission so start your application process HERE.

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This new online Masters program allows in-service German educators to examine methodology and pedagogy to develop and sustain a proficiency-based teaching and learning classroom environment.  Course work will focus on the role of curriculum, instruction, assessment, interculturality, social justice, and program leadership within the context of the World Readiness Standards and a student-centered learning context for the methodology and language-specific concentrations.  Practical application of theory and research will allow participants to enhance their daily practice.

This World Language German Emphasis online program is composed of three key areas:

1.) CSU Pueblo Core Courses (11 credits): Focus on research and professional changes:

Title Credits
Teacher as Change Agent 3
Teacher as Researcher 3
Leading Change in America's Schools 3


Practicum & Seminar in Education


2.) CSU Pueblo Pedagogy Courses (9 credits): best practices in these three areas will impact the quality of student achievement in K-12 classrooms

Title Credits

Differentiated Instruction


Technology Literacy


Literacy Education


 3.) Idioma Concentration Area (18 credits): Selected by the graduate with support from an Idioma Advisor. Concentration areas include:

Course Title Course ID Credits
The 5 C's and 3 Communication Modes of Second Language Acquisition
CLDE 591 WLM 501 3
Assessing Students in the World Language Classroom
CLDE 591 WLM 507

Teaching German Skills and Lesson Planning

CLDE 591 GER 501
Learning German as a Foreign Language
CLDE 591 GER 502
Teaching German as a Foreign Language CLDE 591 GER 503 3
German Assignments, Exercises and Interactions CLDE 591 GER 504 3
German Learning Materials and Media CLDE 591 GER 505 3
Curriculum and Lesson Planning for German Teachers CLDE 591 GER 506 3


Up to 9 Graduate-level transfer credits may be applied to this program upon approval by CSU Pueblo and Idioma Education & Consulting. For more information, please view the Colorado State Information Guide for details on learning outcomes, curriculum and more.


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*Courses subject to change, please check Idioma's website for course availability.