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Idioma Unconference: Conversations about Classes, Curricula, and Community

For the first time, Idioma is hosting an Unconference to give people time to connect and brainstorm with colleagues as the school year begins. Educators will be able to discuss experiences, challenges, and successes in a facilitator-led setting where the teachers in the room are the experts.
Topics will include Social and Emotional Learning, Effective Technology in the Classroom, Social Justice, Comprehensible Input, PACE, and Idioma Programming. The unconference follows the rule of two feet: if you feel you want to join another session, simply leave and go. There is no pressure to stay, and notes will be shared by all. At the end, we will have a demo slam where educators will get the opportunity to share resources and win prizes.
Date: September 23rd, from 7:00 - 9:00pm
7:00-7:15pm: Introductions
7:15-8:00: Session 1
Main room: Effective Technology with Maureen Lamb
Breakout Room 1: SEL with Elisa Kirschhoffer
Breakout Room 2: Social Justice with Joe Parodi-Brown
Breakout Room 3: PACE with Mike Travers
8:00-8:45: Session 2
Main room: Brainstorming/General Questions with Maureen Lamb
Breakout Room 1: CI with Jennifer Degenhardt
Breakout Room 2: Assessment with Mike Orlando
Breakout Room 3: Programming with Mellissia Walles
8:45-9:00: Demo Slam with prize giveaways
Hashtag: #idiomaunconference21