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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the schedule of the instructor-facilitated courses?  Most Idioma courses are asynchronous and allow for students to complete their work at their own paceusually a one-week window – during which they need to connect to their colleagues and instructor. The instructor is also available to facilitated the discussions, provide feedback, answer questions, and support student learning.  

What is Idioma Education's Teaching Method?  Idioma's constructivist approach to education is based around the idea that learners are active participants in their learning journey; knowledge is constructed based on experiences and each person reflects on their experience and incorporates the new ideas with their prior knowledge. We find that the asynchronous learning allows adults learners to learn and research new ideas, explore the practice, propose new ideas, provide explanation and solutions, and taking action by developing practical lessons and activities to implement in their own classrooms.

How do I register for a course? You may register for several courses at one time.  We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, check, and purchase Orders. We also offer flexible payment plans if paying by check.  Please email for more information.

I've registered and paid online, when will I receive access to the course? For Self-Paced Courses, please allow 24 hours to receive access to the Idioma Schoology Learning Management System.  Course access for all instructor-facilitated term courses will be sent three days prior to the start of the course date.

I am looking for graduate courses with course prefix ID's that are in my language content area (ex: SPA, FRE, ITAL, etc), will these language courses be accepted? The Graduate Credits offered for Idioma language courses in partnership with Southern New Hampshire University are conducted in the target language and begin with the prefix PDLL. The "LL" refers to Language & Linguistics courses.  Graduate Courses with Colorado State University Pueblo are CLDE (Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Learners) Course titles include the language prefix of SPAN, FREN, LATN, ITAL, etc in order to indicate the language instruction.  Prior to matriculating in your respective program, we encourage you to check with your institution to see if these courses will be accepted.  For Dual Cert Programs, according to HLC, the course prefix for graduate-level courses is not required to be SPA, FRE etc.

The course has already started, can I still register? Courses that have fixed dates are flexible and you can register anytime during the first week of the course. You may register for Self-Paced Courses at anytime and you will be enrolled in the course within 24 hours.

How do I know if Idioma Education's Professional Development certificates will be approved by the state? Idioma Education & Consulting LLC is an approved provider of Curriculum and Instruction-General, Data & Assessment, English Language Learners, Foreign Languages, and Instructional Technology/Digital Literacy, Leadership and Administration, Mathematics, Special Education-General, Digital Literacy and Computer Science, and the SEI Educator and Administrator Endorsements in the state of Massachusetts.  Idioma is also an approved provider in Pennsylvania and New York state. Our partnership with CEII in Illinois allows us to offer CPDUs.  Links to the approvals are available on each of the state pages. It is the responsibility of the registered student to seek supervisor approval and endorsement for professional development activities prior to registering for a course.

What is the cost of a course and does the cost include all the materials? The course cost varies on the type of credit you wish to receive. Prices are listed on the Course Information page and do not include materials such as textbooks or videos, however we make an effort to use content that is available online.

Can I receive more information about a course I am interested in taking? Absolutely! You may request a course syllabus to find out more detailed information about the course content and required materials. Instructors do have the discretion to change and amend assignments, which means that the course syllabus may be different from the course depending on when you register.

How long does it take to complete a course? The course duration is listed on the Course Information page. One (1) PDP is awarded for each hour of contact participation. Graduate coursework designed specifically for graduate level educators and administrators require fifteen (15) hours per credit.

MA DESE will convert a Graduate-level course or approved equivalent into PDPs. (1 semester hour = 22.5 PDPs, 3 semester hours= 67.5 PDPs). Idioma offers reduced rate courses for those teachers who only need PDPs for the Graduate Course they complete.  If you wish to earn more than 45 PDPs for the 3 credit course, please select a university and submit the transcript to DESE.

Students who matriculate into an Instructor-Facilitated course should adhere to the dates listed on the website. Final coursework should be submitted within one week after the course end date. Course extensions beyond one week are subject to a $50 fee.​

What is Idioma Education's Withdrawal/Refund policy? Participants may withdraw from a course prior to receiving an email granting them online access to the course, or one week prior to the start of the course (less a $25 cancellation fee). Please note that once participants gain access the course, we do not issue refunds but will make every effort to assist the participant in the completion of the coursework.​

How and when will my course I receive my transcript or certificate of Professional Development? Upon successful completion of the course and the submission of all final work, your Professional Development Certificates will be emailed to the address provided during registration and within 15 business days. An email with your final grade and details on how to request your official transcripts through the University registrar's office are sent within two weeks. Grades for Self-Paced Courses are submitted at the end of each month and transcripts are available two weeks after they are submitted.

I need additional help or want more information about a course? Your instructors are available to help you and you may contact them by email or through Idioma's Schoology Learning Management System. We guarantee a response within 48 hours, however less than 24 is typical. You may also reach our staff by calling our office (978-494-6430) Monday-Friday between 8 am and 6pm, or leave a message on our voicemail and someone will return your call the next business day.

Can I receive Graduate Units/Credits for my course? The partnerships between Idioma Education & Consulting and University of the Pacific, Ashland University, Colorado State University Pueblo and Southern New Hampshire University allow teachers to earn graduate-level credit, however they may not always be transferred to a degree program. Please speak with your advisor or district if you wish to have this course approved. While it may be possible for the credits earned in these courses to be used for salary advancement, degree completion and state licensing requirements, we do not provide assurance that any state licensing board or school district will accept these credits for those purposes. Individuals seeking credits for those purposes are advised to check with the appropriate agencies and gain approval prior to registering.  

Please note that the Graduate-level courses in the content area should be approved by the MA DESE however we suggest you request an official syllabus from and seek pre-approval from DESE.  More information can be found here.

I have a suggestion for a new course, where do I send it? Please send all suggestions to We are always looking for new course instructors and content suggestions.