Courses in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin, Latin, German, ESL or with a focus on World Language Methodology & Pedagogy

Bridging Middle & High School Courses


The jump from middle school to high school can feel very big and very scary for many students. Learning a new language is a vulnerable pursuit, and sometimes that jump can feel even scarier going from middle school to high school language classes. We are building bridges over that jump with our Bridging Language Courses for middle school, rising and current high school students. These courses are structured to reinforce the foundations of learning the target language so your child will feel more confident in their target language skills as they cross the bridge to the next school year. 

  • Back to Basics - Novice Spanish and French (middle school to rising freshmen)
  • Engaging High School Students through Conversation and Stories - Intermediate Spanish (high school students)
Back to Basics course concepts include:
  • Foundational greetings and appropriate idiomatic expressions
  • Expressing likes and dislikes
  • Vocabulary and phrases to be able to discuss familiar topics
  • Present tense and simple grammatical structures
  • Cultural and geographical themes to promote global awareness and citizenship

We are also offering a Spanish intermediate level course following similar course concepts to those in the Back to Basics course but with the learning outcomes focused on proficiency at the intermediate level. 

Engaging High School Students through Conversation and Stories concepts include: 

  • Giving details and elaborating on familiar topics
  • Using strings of original sentences to describe and explain
  • Experimenting with different time frames 

These courses are taught in six-week sessions entirely online.

Students will meet virtually with the instructor once per week for 30 minutes (to be determined based on student schedules) to practice interpersonal and presentational speaking skills, and will be expected to spend about 2 hours per week on asynchronous classwork.

Tuition is discounted to $199 until July 6 and space is limited. For more information or to find out more about tuition assistance please email

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