Online French Courses

Out of the many optional language courses in universities the world over, French is one most heavily favored and learned by students.


And why should it not be? There are many reasons to learn French which we will explain here.

Learning the language has become even easier now due to the variety of online resources at our disposal. Technology has brought people together, and has made learning language a much easier task than before. Here is why you should learn French online if you can:


French is one of the oldest languages of the world with vast history, culture, philosophy, and civilization behind it. Learning French is akin to gaining access to an ocean of knowledge with eminent philosophers, scientists, and thinkers having penned seminal works in French. It will allow you to engage directly with those primary texts and appreciate how they continue to inform our world today. Not just French history, but European and world history will be opened to you due to the prevalence of French in so many countries over the centuries.


French is one of the major international languages of the world used widely by MNCs and transnational organizations. Learning French will serve as a considerable asset, and will allow you to traverse and work in a range of different countries and organizations in more substantial roles which might require familiarity with the language. France and former French colonial lands will be open for you for employment, education, residence.etc


France has been a major cultural capital of the world since decades. Language, arts, cuisine, romance, and architecture are all major spheres with which French history has been intertwined. Learning French will allow you the opportunity to explore these dimensions in their language of origin.


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