Fall 2019

English Language SAT Prep Course - On Line 

Online with Private Instruction- register anytime

Tuition: $300 per person/ $1200 group of 5


This English SAT Prep is designed for the busy High School Student who wants to prepare for the English SAT and have the personal guidance of an instructor.  Students will participate in 5 weekly on-line tutorials instructed by Mary Gregoire, previous English Department Chairperson, Curriculum Coordinator and present English professor at North Shore Community College.   Tuition also includes individual review sessions that may be conducted over the phone or virtually.


The course will be comprised of sessions with teacher instruction, which will focus on the test format, commonly encountered question constructions, helpful test taking strategies, and subject-specific knowledge.  The five weeks will focus on the structure of the entire test, the Reading Comprehension Section,  the Written Language Section and the Essay. 


Students will be expected to take practice SAT tests on their own. Moreover, necessary vocabulary, reading strategies, the elimination of common writing errors, punctuation, and writing strategies will be included in the instruction.   Some instruction will focus on the problems that students encounter with the test. The course is open to all students entering their 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade years. 


Students are asked to purchase the new edition of The College Board Official SAT Study Guide (March, 2016 and Beyond) prior to the start of the course.  All other Course Material will be provided through individual student accounts using Idioma Education's Schoology Learning Management System.

High School Spanish for Health Care Careers

Online: Fall 2019

Time Frame: One (1) semester or One (1) Trimester Course

Duration: 5-7 Hours of coursework per week for 12-18 weeks.

Instructor: MA Certified Spanish Teacher, weekly instructor feedback and daily access for questions/concerns

Credit: High School Credit and/or Southern New Hampshire University Undergraduate College Credit.

Cost: $500 for High School Credit or $800 for SNHU undergraduate College Credit.  District Discounts available.

The course is designed for high school students beyond the intermediate Spanish level who wish to work or volunteer in the health care industry. With increasing numbers of Spanish-speaking patients, it is important that students improve Spanish communication skills to become a better health care provider for their future patients and clients.

Through the use of authentic materials and sources in Spanish, students will demonstrate language
proficiencies in multiple modes of communication, including Interpersonal Communication (two-way
written interactions and conversations), Interpretive Communication, (interpretation of written, audio, and audiovisual materials), and Presentational Communication (oral and written presentations of information, opinions, and ideas). Students will learn how to effectively communicate in a variety of situations and fields within the health care profession.

Format: This course will incorporate a variety of assessments including:

  •  writing assessments/ journal entries

  •  journals entries

  •  discussion boards

  •  online videos

  •  online practice activities

  •  interview

Overview of Weekly Themes:
1. General Introductions and Getting to know your patient
2. Communication differences between U.S. and Latino cultures
3. Intake Interviews, Medical History and Insurance, vital signs
4. Health & Wellness, diseases
5. Pain and Discomfort, nervous system, Preterite vs Imperfect
6. Feelings & Emotions, Ser vs Estar
7. Mental Health, coping skills, goal setting, Future Tense
8. Doctor, Nurse, Radiologist, and EMT, Indirect and Direct Object Pronouns
9. Dentist, Anatomy of the Head

10. Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, Muscular System
11. Pediatrics
12. Preventative Care, Alternative Medicine
13. Exercise and Nutrition
14. Surgery and Discharge Instructions, Formal Commands
15. Medicine, prescriptions, and expressions used at the pharmacy

Learning Objectives

  •  Use Advanced and Grammatically Accurate Spanish to attain health history and assessment information.

  •  Use Advanced and Grammatically Accurate Spanish to give patients information about their condition(s).

  •  Use Advanced and Grammatically Accurate Spanish for treatment and patient education.

  •  Exhibit appropriate cultural competence when talking to or treating patients.

  •  Exhibit appropriate cultural competence when communicating with family members.

  •  Review Intermediate and Advanced Spanish language grammar structures.

  •  Review Spanish vocabulary and acquire additional medical terminology as well as everyday conversation

  •  Develop and consistently implement effective coping strategies to use in situations where appropriate vocabulary may not be available.


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