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Contemporary Art in the World Language Classroom Workshop
Contemporary Art in the World Language Classroom Workshop

Contemporary Art in the World Language Classroom Workshop

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SELF PACED COURSE WITH INSTRUCTOR FEEDBACK (with 2 optional Coaching Sessions)

Credit Options

Not sure which credit option to choose?  Learn more about each credit option here and review your state/district requirements.

15 Professional Development/Clock Hours: $155
  • Idioma Professional Development Certificate (accepted by most states)
  • Approved Illinois CPDU Certificate through partnership with CEII
  • Approved Massachusetts PDP Certificate
  • Approved New York CTLE Certificate
  • Approved Pennsylvania ACT48 Certificate
  • Approved Texas CPE Certificate
This workshop will be offered 3 times, please register for only one:
Fall Session: OCTOBER 12, 2023 - NOVEMBER 9, 2023 Optional Google Meet ‘drop-in’ sessions on Thursdays October 19 and November 2 from 6:30-7:30PM. 
Spring Session: MARCH 1, 2024 - APRIL 5, 2024 Optional Google Meet ‘drop-in’ sessions on Thursdays March 7 and April 28 from 6:30-7:30PM.


Workshop Description

Are you interested in contemporary art, but are unsure of how to integrate it into your world language classroom? This 15-hour, asynchronous workshop will provide you with numerous tools to initiate class discussions and exploration of what is considered art, the message it conveys, and how students can use art as a tool for self-expression. You will view sample lesson plans and activities related to global street artists and the types of street art they create. Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with peers in the discussion forum, create their own art-related lessons for use in their classrooms, and gain feedback from the instructor. This content is designed for use in high school Spanish classes, but can be adapted for different languages and ability levels. Resources are in English or Spanish.

This workshop will be facilitated by Lora Malerbi, a Spanish teacher and self-proclaimed “artist.” Lora teaches Spanish language and culture courses at Hingham High School. She has been teaching students of all ability levels for 14 years and is passionate about differentiated instruction and making language learning accessible to all learners. She enjoys organizing trips to Spanish-speaking countries for her students and collaborating with colleagues.