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World Language Conference/Workshop- Special Topics in World Language Education
World Language Conference/Workshop- Special Topics in World Language Education
World Language Conference/Workshop- Special Topics in World Language Education
World Language Conference/Workshop- Special Topics in World Language Education

World Language Conference/Workshop- Special Topics in World Language Education

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You now have the option to earn a professional development certificate or graduate-level credit from an approved provider for ANY CONFERENCE you attend.

Not sure which credit option to choose?  Learn more about each credit option here and review your state/district requirements.

15 Professional Development/Clock Hours: $100

  • Idioma Professional Development Certificate (accepted by most states)
  • Approved Illinois CPDU Certificate through partnership with CEII
  • Approved Massachusetts PDP Certificate
  • New Jersey PD Hour Certificate
  • Approved New York CTLE Certificate
  • Approved Pennsylvania ACT48 Certificate

1 Graduate Level Credit: University of the Pacific: PEDD 9211; $200

Upon completing the Conference you will receive an email course access where will be asked to complete a short reflection to document your participation at the conference.

3 Graduate-level Credits

  • PEDD 9187: University of the Pacific: 3 non-degree graduate-level credits:  $350
  • PDLL 541ID: Southern New Hampshire University: 3 Transferable Graduate Credits: $425

Following the conference/workshops, you will complete asynchronous online coursework with Idioma Education.  This coursework will be required in order to earn the graduate credits. You have three months to complete the work.

For more information, please email

Course Description: 

Idioma Education & Consulting, LLC invites conference participants to register for approved PD hours for conference attendance and brief reflection, or three graduate credits for attending a world language or professional educators conference and the completion of the post conference course. 

To earn the three graduate level credits, participants are required to complete 45 contact hours and assignment hours. Participants are also required to purchase the text, "Enacting the Work of Language Instruction, Vol. 2 [EWLI]" by Eileen W. Glisan and Richard Donato, ACTFL, 2021.

In this context “contact hours” are those spent attending sessions or workshops and participating in conference-related learning activities; and “assignment hours” are those spent on homework assignments in the course. See the table of examples below.  

Acceptable Contact Hour Activities Acceptable Assignment Hour Activities 
  • Attendance at sessions, workshops & presentations
  • Discussions with colleagues, presenters & members of the educational community·    
  • Reading about, watching videos on related topics, reviewing conference website and conference program
  • Networking, following up with contacts for future connections·
  • All activities may be performed before, during, and after the conference
  • Provide a list of workshops, including the number of hours) that you attended during the conference and summarize each one in 1-2 paragraphs.·   
  • Discussion board posts allow course participants to engage in a conversation around the theory, research, and practice as presented in the lectures, videos, and readings each week.
  • Journal reflection allow participants to think critically about the reading, activities and the conference workshops they have completed during the course.  Participants will tie their own practice in an attempt to understand how language learning and teaching guiding principles drive their own work
  • After the completion of the conference, workshops and coursework, participants will design a unit plan (3-4 lessons) on a topic relevant to their own practice related to the course content. 
  • To earn professional development or graduate credit, you will be required to complete and submit the following:

    1. Participate in various conference sessions and/or workshops and summarize through a reflection.
    2. Complete the online course modules through Idioma.
    3. Complete the Conference Credit Form and all required assignments.
    4. Submit your completed assignments within three months of the conference.