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Virtual and In-person Tutoring

Virtual and In-person Tutoring

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Tutoring and Conversational Practice

These are uncertain times. There hasn’t been an epidemic of these proportions in our lifetimes, and never have we seen schools closed down for weeks — or months — on end. This has left many parents asking: how can I help my child succeed in the classroom?

Well we want to help!

We’ve heard from many parents that their middle- and high-school aged children are seeking additional support and that they want to continue the practice. To help offer additional support, we’re excited to leverage our network of incredible educators to offer tutoring options.

You can now book time with one of our instructors, to have a practice session, ask specific questions, develop skills or get more focused tutoring on a specific topic — all done online or via phone, so we can maintain social distancing practices (but still engage in some connection!)

This service can be purchased by the hour for $80/hr for Virtual Sessions.  In person sessions may be available for $100/hr.  Please email k12programs@idiomaconsulting.com for more information. 

Instructors availability varies however, once you register, you will receive the email of your tutor and you may arrange a mutually convenient time to begin your sessions.  See our instructor bios here.

English (ELA), SAT Prep, College Writing: Mary Gregoire

Math: Matt Caputo

Stress Reduction, Time Management & Executive Functioning: Dr. Kathleen Hammel

Spanish Language: Dr. Lynn McGovern, Ms. Chris Carroll

French Language: Ms. Chris Carroll and Ms. Elisa Kirschhoffer

Latin Language: Ms. Maureen Lamb

Mandarin Language: Ms. Chang Liu