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Introducing: Middle & High School World Language Courses

It's no secret, learning a new language is an enormous challenge! There is vocabulary to learn, verb tenses to practice, not to mention cultural expressions and experiences that are nearly impossible to get from a book or an app. At Idioma Education & Consulting, we understand the language learning experience in all its challenges and opportunities: we understand why learning a language as a global citizen is so important, we understand the need for bilingual employees in the workforce, and we understand that colleges want to see that high school students have had some years of a second language upon graduation. With the uncertainties of the coming school year, we are here to offer peace of mind with continued language education for high school students. Our goal is that your student or child is able to achieve the language level, grade and GPA to meet their needs for graduation and their own goals as a language learner. We will support your student to achieve and exceed their goals in their target language!

We are pleased to offer language courses for middle & high school students in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Latin and Portuguese. Our courses are taught by certified language teachers using the ACTFL proficiency model as our guide for evaluation. Proficiency is defined as what a speaker can produce spontaneously and unrehearsed in the target language. Based on the ACTFL proficiency model, our courses are broken into four different levels:

  • Novice Low - Novice Mid (Level 1)
  • Novice Mid - Novice High (Level 2)
  • Intermediate Low - Intermediate Mid (Level 3 - 4)
  • Intermediate High - Advanced Low (Level 4 - AP Prep)

These courses are taught by practicing language teachers certified in grades 5-12 and follow traditional school semesters. Students can take courses one or both semesters:

  • Semester 1: September 21 - January 22 (15 weeks of instruction)
  • Semester 2: February 1 - June 4 (15 weeks of instruction)

Classes will have 3 hours per week of structured asynchronous instructional time on Idioma's Schoology Learning Management System, homework each week, and 2 synchronous 30 minute sessions of live conversation with the instructor. Attendance will be taken and letter grades will be submitted to the school.

Tuition is $550 per student per semester. All of these courses can be viewed here.

For school districts interested in enrolling multiple students or classes, we are happy to offer special district and cohort pricing. Please reach out to info@idiomaconsulting.com for more information.   

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